Library’s collections contain over 365,000 library items covering all aspects of economic and related sciences and all subjects taught and researched at the University:

  • books (monographs, statistical yearbooks, almanacs, atlases etc.)
  • textbooks and coursebooks
  • language textbooks and coursebooks
  • EUBA grey literature (theses and dissertations, working papers, research papers and habilitation papers written by EUBA students and academics)
  • dictionaries and encyclopaedias
  • serials: periodicals, magazines, newspapers and law digests
  • electronic resources (online databases, e-books, e-journals)


Library materials are acquired in accordance with the Library Acquisitions Policy and are processed and catalogued in conformity with accepted international bibliographical standards.

Library material issued until 1982 can be accessed via a Card Title Catalogue in the Lending Department (2nd floor).

Users can search information about access to the library items in the Library Catalogue:

Library items acquired for the Faculties and other Departments of the EUBA are deposited in the requiring Faculty or Department.


Department of Information Resources

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