Library resources acquisitions’ goal is to make information survey about information resources, to select, order and receive resources most needed to support the University’s instructional, research and service mission. 

Acquisitions Policy determines guidelines for selecting both print and non-print materials, subject areas, range of collection supplementation and multiplicity with regards to the role and orientation of the library, profile of the collection and users’ needs.

Department of Information Resources is the guarantor of the acquisitions activities:

  • It coordinates acquisitions activities regardless of financial resources’ background or the acquisitions methods,
  • It participates in central purchase process for Faculties and Departments of the University,
  • It is responsible for the accession registration of received information resources.


Acquisitions methods


Library acquires resources:

  • by purchase from publishers, dealers and other suppliers;
  • by purchase from selected authors’ offers;
  • licensed electronic resources via consortia agreements.


Library acquires resources by individual donation or donation from organizations.

Exchange (national, international)

Library acquires resources, especially periodical or statistical information resources, from various local and national institutions or international organizations through the exchange programme.


Contact information:


Margita Haláková

02/6729 1140


Ľubica Mravíková

02/6729 1216