Who can become a user of the Library?

Any person, who reaches the age of 15 and is in possession of the identity card or passport (foreign students and staff).

How can I order a book?

If you are the registered user of the Library, you can make request for books through the Online Catalogue accessible via Internet. You need to enter your User Card Number and password.

What is my password?

Every user enters the password during the registration. The password is composed of 8 characters – combination of letters and numbers. This password is encrypted. If you do not remember your password, it could be changed for a fee.

When can I pick up ordered books?

Books you have ordered via Online Catalogue can be picked up after 30 min - 1 hour, but no later than the second day (until the end of opening hours). This period applies for normal working days; the books ordered on Friday can be collected also on Monday.

How can I renew loan books?

You can renew your loan books only 5 days before the loan period expires in one of the following ways:

You cannot electronically renew overdue items or items that have been requested by another user (reserved items).

Where do I find the item that is not available for loan?

Certain categories of material are not for loan and are for use in the Library only. You can find them physically in the reading rooms. You can see the Location/Sublocation abbreviation in the detailed record of the selected items in the Online Catalogue. The items in the reading rooms are arranged in open shelves by subject classmark. Classmarks are displayed on the shelves.

Why can I not successfully get into my Account in the Online Catalogue although I have entered right User Card Number and password?

Check if you have entered 10-digit number of your User Card without gaps. Your password has to be entered in the form you have set up in the Lending Department during your registration. If your login fails, you will need to visit Lending Department.