Registration and library servicesUEBA teachers
and employees*
Other users
RegistrationNo charge2,00 €5,00 €
Temporary User Card (3 months)No charge2,00 €2,00 €
Issue of User Card’s duplicateNo chargeNo charge10,00 €
Handling charge for replacement/ duplicate User CardNo charge0,50 €1,50 €
Registration renewal (for 1 year)No charge0,50 €2,50 €
Change of passwordNo charge0,50 €0,50 €
Reservation (per item)No charge0,50 €0,50 €
Statement from user’s accountNo charge0,50 €0,50 €


Literature search services**

Literature Searches from Library Online Catalogue
Basic fee***No charge2,00 €7,00 €
Charge for one recordNo charge0,20 €0,20 €
Print output /1 page A4No charge0,10 €0,10 €


Literature Searches from Electronic Information Resources
Basic fee***No charge4,00 €12,00 €
Print output /1 page A4No charge0,10 €0,10 €

* Full-time doctoral programme’s students are considered as employees of the University

** Users may ask for consulting service and support in searching of information from the information resources

*** User will pay basic fee for search although the output is with no record


Overdue fines****

Per 1 item
1st Overdue notice0,80 €
2nd Overdue notice1,60 €
Director’s overdue notice4,00 €
Attempt for reconciliation5,00 €
Notice from Court7,00 €


Loss or damage of material which cannot be replaced or repaired
Handling charge3,00 €
+ Material replacementIn accordance with Library Rules and Regulations


Damage of material which can be replaced or repaired
Handling charge2,00 €
+ Repair of materialIn accordance with Library Rules and Regulations
Damage of barcode2,00 €


Other charges
Uncollected requested item0,50 €
Loss of locker key7,00 €
Finding of not announced changes of user’s data
(Not announced changes of name, address, ID card number, or passport number)
4,00 €

**** Overdue fines refers to all users.

Notice: When the total fines reach 7 €, it results in user’s suspension of borrowing privileges and access to library services until discharge of debt.


Interlibrary lending services (ILL, IILL)

Charges for registered library users
Borrowing of ILL itemIn accordance with charges made by the lending library.
Failure to return item within the stipulated loan period
Damage of material
Loss of material


Charges for other libraries

Borrowing of ILL item originalNo charge
Photocopied text /1 page A40,10 €
Scanned text /1 page A40,20 €
Handling charge1,00 €
Photocopied text supply+ Postage and packing
Failure to return item within the stipulated loan periodpodľa Cenníka SEK, časť sankčné poplatky

Valid from September 21, 2011

VAT is included