2nd Floor - 2D - Building 1 


  • Users’ registration and issue of User Card
  • Circulation materials’ borrowings outside the library
  • Non-circulation materials’ borrowings from Library storage
  • Reservation – if the item is out on loan, you may reserve it via Library Catalogue for a fee
  • Renewal – you may ask in person at the Circulation Desk at least 5 days before the loan period has expired.
  • Library Catalogue
  • Access to electronic information resources (online databases, e-books, e-journals) 

How to become a user

A person may ask for library membership in Lending Department on 2nd Floor for a fee in accordance with the validLibrary Fees and Charges.

User is obliged to adhere to the Library Rules and Regulations after filling in and signing the application form.

User will give the password to access account in the Library Catalogue to the librarian by the registration. The password is encrypted in the library lending system.

Library staff reserves the right to ask for the Identity Card, EUBA University Card and Passport (in the case of foreigners) to verify the identity of user.

User Card

User with User Card is entitled to use the library collections and services in all library premises. User Card is issued after filing the application form and it is valid for one year.

Users may use following types of User card:

  • EUBA University card (ISIC, ITIC, Employee Card)
  • User Card issued by the Library
  • Library chip card issued by other libraries (in the case of users outside the EUBA).

Temporary User Card is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and their holders are entitled to use library services and collections on reference basis only (inside library study only).

Reminder process and fines

Standard loan period for books is one month. The loan period for the items with the classmarks “U” (and identified by the location “USK” in the Online Catalogue) is for one term period.

Loans may normally be renewed two times for another month, if the book is not required for another user. Users have to request for renewal at least 5 days before the loan period has expired. Users may ask for renewal in person at the Circulation Desk (in Lending Department) or by phone or by email or online by signing into their Library Catalogue Account. 

All library items borrowed must be returned within the stipulated loan period. Failure to do so will result in a fine regardless of whether library has requested a fine by writing in accordance with the Library Fees and Charges.

All categories of users are liable to pay fines.

1st Overdue notice - sent by email in 3 working days after due date.

2nd Overdue notice - sent by email in 31 working days after due date.

3rd Overdue notice - written director’s overdue notice is sent by postal mail in 62 working days after due date.

If the user does not return the library item within 93 working days after due date, Library approaches its claim through the Court according the Civil Code Procedure. 

Failure to return borrowed items after receiving overdue notice may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and access to library services, when the total fines reach 7 €, until discharge of debt.


Lending Department

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