Excerpt of original Library Rules and Regulations document




A person may use the Library only after being formally registered as a library user in it. All users must have a valid User Card.

Students and employees of the University may use their University Card as a User Card after the registration at the Library.

Library issues two types of the User Card: User Card valid for one year or Temporary User Card valid for three months. Users with the Temporary User Card may use the library services and library materials for inside library study only.

User Cards are not transferable. Every person to whom a Card is issued shall sign an undertaking to observe the Library Rules and Regulations. Any loss of a Card should be reported to the Library immediately and a fee is levied to cover the cost of issuing a replacement Card. Library staff reserves the right to check the ID card of a User, University Card or passport (in the case of foreigners).

Users are responsible for keeping Library informed of changes in the personal data kept by the Library, including their address and email address.

Behaviour in the Library

Silence and neatness shall be maintained as far as possible in all Library premises.

Users must keep order and handle the library properties with care.

The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the Library.

Users must follow all other reasonable requests of Library staff.

Users must present their User Card or University Card for inspection if requested by a member of Library staff in the course of their duties.

Users who break the Library Rules and Regulations may be withdrawn from their membership of the Library and they shall be liable to pay a cost of replacement or repair.

The right to use library services by users shall be withdrawn because of sanitary reasons as well. Users must respect protective quarantine rules in the case of the infectious or contagious diseases.


Library provides access to library materials and other library resources to registered users for study purposes.

Some of the library materials cannot be borrowed out of the Library, but they are available for inside study in the Reading Rooms (non-circulation library materials). They are following:

  • Theses and dissertations
  • Periodicals
  • Reading Rooms’ Collections and items in the Reading Rooms that are for reference only
  • Items that are only in one copy
  • Items whose loss is hardly replaceable

Borrowing is realised after user’s request via the Library Catalogue. Users may request for max. 15 library items a day. Users may have on loan maximum 30 “out of the Library use” library items (circulation library material). An unclaimed request from the Library Catalogue will be cancelled next day. A fee will be made for the unclaimed requests according to the Library Fees and Charges.

Borrowing of library items acquired by the library before the year 1982 is realised after user’s print request at the Circulation Desk in the Lending Department. Users can look up for information about the library item in the card catalogue and can take the requested item next day.

Reservations may be placed on books currently out on loan, via the Library Catalogue. Library will notify users when their reserved item is ready. Users will have 14 days to collect it. A fee will be made for the reservation according to the Library Fees and Charges.

The loan period for books is 1 month. Items on loan may be recalled before the loan period has expired, or the loan period may be reduced, if necessary. The students with special needs may borrow books for 3 months.

Loans may normally be renewed two times for another month, if the book is not required for another user. Users have to request for renewal at least 5 days before the loan period has expired. Users may ask for renewal in person at the Circulation Desk, or by phone, or by email or online by signing into their Library Catalogue account.

The loan period for the items with the classmark “U” (location “USK” in the library catalogue) is 1 term. Loans may be renewed two times for another term.

All library items borrowed must be returned within the stipulated loan period. Failure to do so will result in a fine regardless of whether library has requested a fine.

First overdue notice is sent by email in 3 working days after due date. Second overdue notice is sent by email in 31 working days after due date. A director’s overdue notice is sent by postal mail in 62 working days after due date. If the user does not return the library item within 93 working days after due date, Library approaches its claim through the Court according the Civil Code Procedure.

Failure to return borrowed items after receiving overdue notice may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and access to library services. A fee will be charged to the user for the reclaiming of the borrowed items.

Notices will be delivered to the users email address.

The person in whose name the loan is made is solely responsible for the safekeeping of items loaned. When an item is lost or returned damaged, the borrower will be charged for the item at replacement cost, at the discretion of the Library.

Users may send the borrowed item by postal mail as an insured item. They are responsible for the borrowed item until the Library has not received it.

The Library will issue a confirmation of the returned items to the users.

Reading Rooms

Users may use Library premises for study of non-circulation library items. Access to the Reading rooms is possible for registered users. Users must present their User Card or University Card at the Information Desk in the Reading Rooms before entering the Reading Rooms.

Users have free access to:

  • Collection of the Reading Rooms
  • Consultancy and information services
  • Internal and external e-Resources
  • Library items requested from Stack premises for in-library study
  • Technical equipment

Users must present their own documents and technical equipment (e.g. laptops) entering or leaving the Reading Room.

Users, who borrow the non-circulation library items for making photocopy, must fill in the ‘Overview of read over items’ and let it to check by Librarian. Loan of these items is possible only for one hour, and users may request for these items at least one hour before closing time.

Users of Reading rooms must:

Behave silently and follow all reasonable requests of Library staff

Do not damage library materials issued to them, furniture, facilities or equipment

Do not take the library material out of the Reading Rooms

Do not take any food or drink into the Reading Rooms

Deposit overcoats, umbrellas, bags etc. in the locker-room or in the determined place

Do not use the mobile phones

Return borrowed items to the appropriate place

Fill in the ‘Overview of read over items’


Fees and Charges

Fees for the library services, registration fees, fines and term of payments are set out in the Library Fees and Charges.



EUBA teachers and employees* EUBA students



Registration and library services  
Registration No charge     2,00     5,00
Temporary User Card (3 months) No charge     2,00     2,00
Issue of User Card’s duplicate No charge   No charge   10,00
Handling charge for replacement/ duplicate User Card No charge     0,50     1,50
Registration renewal (for 1 year) No charge     0,50     2,50
Change of password No charge     0,50     0,50
Reservation (per item) No charge     0,50     0,50
Statement from user’s account No charge     0,50     0,50
Literature search services**      
Basic fee*** No charge     2,00    7,00
Charge for one record No charge     0,20    0,20
Print output /1 page A4 No charge     0,10    0,10

Basic fee ***

Print output /1 page A4

No charge

No charge





Slovak Economic Library of the University of Economics in Bratislava Fees and Charges

Valid from September 21, 2011.

VAT is included.

* Full-time doctoral programme’s students are considered as employees of the University.

** Users may ask for consulting service and support in searching of information from the information resources

*** User will pay basic fee for search although the output is with no record. 


Overdue fines****      

Per 1 item

1st Overdue notice 0,80
2nd Overdue notice 1,60
Director’s overdue notice 4,00
Attempt for reconciliation 5,00
Notice from Court 7,00

LOSS OR damage of material which cannot be replaced or repaireddamage of material which can be replaced or repaired

Handling charge 3,00
+ Material replacement In accordance with Library Rules and Regulations


Handling charge 2,00
+ Repair of material In accordance with Library Rules and Regulations
Damage of barcode 2,00

Other charges

Uncollected requested item 0,50
Loss of locker key 7,00

Finding of not announced changes of user’s data

(Not announced changes of name, address, ID card number, or passport number)


**** Overdue fines refers to all users

Notice: When the total fines reach 7 €, it results in user’s suspension of borrowing privileges and access to library services until discharge of debt.


Interlibrary lending services (ILL, IILL)


Charges for registered library users

Borrowing of ILL item

Failure to return item within the stipulated loan period

Damage of material

Loss of material



In accordance with charges
made by the lending library.

Charges for other libraries      

Borrowing of ILL item original

Photocopied text /1 page A4

Scanned text /1 page A4

Handling charge

Photocopied text supply

Failure to return item within the stipulated loan period

No charge




+ Postage and packing

In accordance with the Library Fees and Charges, section Overdue fines.